Our People

The PFP Group is an employee owned company and has a small and highly experienced team of 24 staff, with established offices in Auckland, Tauranga and Gisborne in New Zealand, along with Portland in Australia.

Head office for the PFP Group is Auckland, New Zealand but we also have staff based in Tauranga and Gisborne to assist with vessel planning and loading. The company also has an office in Portland, Australia to manage the movement of logs from Australia to Asia


Auckland - New Zealand

The Auckland Office for the PFP Group consists of our Sales and Marketing team, Commercial Team and Shipping Team.

Our New Zealand based Sales and Marketing team travel extensively to the markets and have strong relationships with our customer base. They also have a good association with the Port operations in each of our discharge ports.

The Commercial team is made up of Finance, Administration and Export Documentation, all managed in house. Our Export Documentation team handles upwards of 60 sets of documents per month for the Group.

Another strength of the Group is our Shipping team. Since 2003 the Group has been chartering vessels directly and we are very active in managing the fleet of chartered vessels. Solid links with local and overseas Port operations are a strong point of the team, who also work closely with our local Operations team.

Tauranga - New Zealand

The Group’s Tauranga office is where our Operations team are based. Focussed on managing various aspects of the Log supply and Vessel loading processes, the highly skilled team are quick to adapt.

From our Tauranga office the team manage the delivery of logs on to all of our ports, they optimise our port facilities and also manage the vessel allocation and loading process. Managing our contracted service providers, the team ensure an efficient and effective operation is maintained.

Another feature of the Group is that we offer At Wharf Gate Log purchases. Here the team work with our range of dedicated log suppliers in ensuring we receive a consistent supply of quality logs.

Portland - Australia

Since January 2014 the PFP Group have been exporting log cargoes from Australia. Our office is based in Portland, Victoria where we manage all of our Australian operations. This includes At Wharf Gate Log purchases, managing our port facilities, actively managing the vessel loading process and managing our contracted service providers.

There has been solid growth since we began in Australia and we now load on average two vessels per month along with a mix of containerised cargoes.