Our Services

The PFP Group offer a range of services across the whole Log Export operation. On the Log Supply side we offer At Wharf Gate Log Purchase and manage Port operations logistics. Our Sales and Marketing team then meet our customer’s and client’s needs by getting the logs to market. With our Shipping team ensuring our suite of chartered vessels are operated efficiently and effectively. The Commercial team then makes sure our Export Documents meet the requirements and that our creditors are always paid in full on time.

Pacific Forest Productions

Export Sales and Marketing

Our New Zealand based Sales and Marketing team travel extensively to the markets and have strong relationships with our customer base. They also have a good association with the Port operations in each of our discharge ports.

Shipping to 33 Ports in the Asia Pacific Region with cargoes supplied from New Zealand, Australia, Hawaii and Uruguay, our Sales and Marketing have a lot of experience in the industry.

Marketing Services are currently provided to five large forestry organisations, the most significant of which is Kaingaroa Timberlands in the central North Island (www.kaingaroatimberlands.co.nz). This provides a solid supply base for the Group.

For any Sales or Marketing related queries please email pfp@pfpltd.co.nz


‘At Wharf Gate’ Log Purchase

The Group runs At Wharf Gate Log Purchases at all of the ports that they operate in. This enhances our supply base and the Group has a strong reputation with its range of suppliers.

Our At Wharf Gate purchase of trading logs is from a range of suppliers who are typically characterised by being in the 1,000-20,000 m3 per month range. Supplier numbers have increased in quantity as our business has become more established and our track record has provided credibility. We have some 40-50 log suppliers in this category and PFP has never missed a monthly payment to these suppliers.

Monthly price agreements are established with our suppliers with payment taking place in the month following supply.

For any At Wharf Gate supply related queries please email simonn@pfpltd.co.nz

On Port Logistics

Getting logs on to and off from vessels efficiently is a key driver for the Group. Our team have years of experience in vessel loading and discharge and they understand the benefits to all parties in the chain when this part of the operation runs well. We have also applied these skills to new markets that we have participated in to great success.

The handling of cargoes on the ports is partnered with a professional and experienced group of operators. Loading 1 bulk vessel every 1.37 days throughout the ports we operate in means a strong focus is vital. We also work closely with our overseas ports to ensure our chartered vessels arrive and discharge efficiently.


Export Documentation and Trade Services

A key part of the Log export process is Export Documentation.

The compiling of Export Documents is handled in house for all of the PFP Group’s shipped volume. This enables us to maintain a close relationship with our clients and also with our trading banks. The document team will process an average of 60+ sets of export documents per month whilst dealing with 3 core New Zealand based banks and a multitude of overseas banks.

While the Export Documents team currently only process documents for the Group, they do have the expertise to extend this beyond our Group operations.

Should you have any Export Documentation related queries please email pfp@pfpltd.co.nz